Sorry, all destiny related activities have been cancelled.


Sorry, all destiny related activities have been cancelled.


Holiday beach resort, Koh Mak, Thailand


16 Tickets


3 Well known teachers, 1 on site

Koh Mak

About the bootcamp

The island of Koh Mak in the east of the Gulf of Thailand has developed in a spectacular manner over the last years, but without being spoiled or trampled over by masses of tourists.
The Holiday Beach Resort is a small resort that offers nice airconditioned bungalows smack-bang on the beach (3 of which will be converted to gamerooms), fantastic food and since a while the best connectivity that one can wish for: premium optic fiber.
In this small paradise the first edition of the Destiny 2 Bootcamp will be held, where every participant can join in the PvP strategy sessions, PvE guided runs and as many friendly matches as you want, all under guidance of the best teachers that will help to get our skills and tactics to the next level.

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Event Schedule


06:00 - 13:00

Arrival at BKK

You are expected to arrive at BKK airport on Saturday morning.
From Europe the flights are quite affordable in this period, from the USA you will have to leave on Thursday evening. If you would like assistance selecting the best flight, just drop us a message.


14:30 - 18:30

Transfer to Koh Mak

Together we take an airplane to Trat, a taxi to the pier and a speedboat to the island. Make sure your gear is packed well, the boatride can be a bit rough.


19:00 - 20:00


Time to sample some of that delicious thai food!


20:00 - 01:00

Installation and gaming !

After dinner we can get all hardware installed and get the first shots in! (And if you have jet-lag, try to get some sleep)


08:00 - 20:00

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast starts aroud 8, but times are very flexible.
Lunch at lunchtime :-)
Dinner around 19:00 but again times are flexible.


9:00 - 19:00

Explore the island, enjoy the beach, do organized activities, or play (Destiny 2) in one of the 3 gamerooms

Do what you like, or what your partner likes :-)


20:00 - until late hours

Destiny 2 tactical training

We get familliarized with the fundamentals of Destiny 2 player versus player, including:
team-shooting, how to counter a close knit team, map knowledge, communication and callouts, the importance of supers and heavy ammo, roles that players can take in an organized team and much much more.


8:00 - 9:00

Breakfast and goodbyes

If you still have to pack then better do it quickly.


9:00 - 13:30

Travel back to BKK

We go back by the same route: speedboat, taxi and inland flight.


14:00 -

Fly home or continue exploring the region

If you can it is worth your while to explore Thailand a bit more, but if you have to this is the moment to go back home and spread the word about the Destiny 2 Bootcamp.

Our teachers

We are in the process of committing some of the better known Destiny players. It will be awesome!

Other things to do on and around Koh Mak

There are many things to do on and around the beautiful island of Koh Mak. A selection:

Snorkeling or diving trip

A snorkeling or diving trip with BB Divers Koh Mak (snorkeling is also great with children as young as 5 years!)

Florian Snorkeling

My 8 year old son having a great time

Cooking workshop

Do a cooking workshop at Smile Koh Mak to bring home some of the amazing thai kitchen

Tom Yum seafood and Panaeng Kung

The delicious food that was made together with the super nice teacher, Leng. (Hot sour seafood soup and spicy shrimp curry)


Discgolf is a new sport that has recently invaded Koh Mak. You can play it at the resort whenever you like. In fact, we just might make a little competition out of it...


Discgolf at Holliday Beach Resort Koh Mak

Thai massage

Have a long thai massage for optimal relaxation


Thai massage has links to shiatsu and uses a unique combination of pressure points and body weight for an optimal relaxation effect

Muay thai training

At the beginning of this year the renowned Hongthong Muaythai Gym opened a site on Koh Mak. Reservation might be needed, so if you are interested, let us know in advance.

Muay Thai training

Muay Thai training with champion trainers

Explore the island

You can rent a scooter for nearly nothing and explore the island.
Visit the plethora of small shops all around the island, or the fantastic new icecream and pie place on the north side of the island (15 minutes drive by scooter if you take it easy)


Scootering along, Thai style

Enjoy the beach

Go canoeing or windsurfing, or simply enjoy the beach and the warm sea


The beach just a couple steps from the bungalows

Holiday beach resort, Koh Mak

The event will take place in the Holiday beach resort on Koh Mak. Their presense: . The 3 largest rooms will be converted to gamingrooms.
If you have any questions about the accommodation you can try to contact them by telephone: or connect through facebook: . (Email or the contact form on the website work less well). Alternatively, contact me directly, see below.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through one of your favorite communication channels



If you happen to have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us directly using the contact form.

What are the prerequisites to join this marvelous event ?

  • You need to be an adult, able to travel alone or with a partner to Bangkok airport (BKK) and willing to stay on a tropical island for a week.
  • In order to enjoy the Destiny 2 instruction and gaming sessions you need to play Destiny 2 on a Playstation 4, 4 slim or 4 plus, and bring it with you. (see further under 'what do i need to bring'.) A screen will be provided.
  • To enter Thailand you need to have a Passport that is valid for at least 6 more months
  • It is strongly suggested you consult your local health specialist for proper tropical disease protection. There is no malaria in the areas where you will stay, but more general vaccinations such as Hepatitis-A (which you can get from fish and seafood) might prevent some unpleasant surprises.

What do i need to bring ?

  • You should bring the essentials such as some light clothes. You probably want to have something on sometimes, right?
  • You need to bring your passport that has to be valid for at least 6 months from the moment you enter Thailand.
  • You need to bring your playstation, well packaged but not in the original box (customs will make a fuss if you do) and the accessories that you like to use, like controllers, headset, xim4. If you are worried about the baggage handlers throwing your gear around it might be a good idea to take it as hand-luggage into the cabin.
  • You need to bring a phone for in case there is a problem or we can not find you.
  • You can bring a debit or creditcard to pay for some extras or presents for back home. You never know.
And the rest we will arrange: transport from BKK to the pier, a speedboat to get everybody to the island, apartments with good matrasses, food fruit coffee tea and soda as much as you like, 27 inch computer screens, networking equipment and first class optic fiber internet, and every evening PvP or PvE strategy workshops with an assortment of instructors, and loads and loads of fun!

How does the registration process work ?

It is explained in full at   register
In short: you leave your contact details, and then we will contact you to talk through the details, we send the bill and then everything will be arranged. That is all there is to it!

I would like to bring some special substances that i use in the evenings or on parties.

This is a very bad idea, the narcotics laws of Thailand are very strict. And besides, narcotics degrade your gaming skills.

Can i bring my non-playing girlfriend or my whole family ?

Sure, no problem! The non-playing hangers-on will be called "civilians" from here on by the way, as opposed to guardians.
Don't be afraid they will be bored, there is enough to do on and around the island. See the Other Activities section for more details on the many opportunities that Koh Mak has to offer.
The apartments normally hold 2 in either a matrimonial bed or 2 single beds. If you would for example like to have bunk beds placed, or have other requests, don't hesitate to contact us, we will probably be able to work something out.

Are there ways to reduce the cost ?

The most straightforward way to save some is by bunking with other guardians. If you don't have anyone to share the room with we are always willing to try to arrange this for you. If you let us know during the phone call that you want to bunk with someone and that we arrange it, we will try to mix and match, and introduce you to eachother in advance.
Another way to save is by getting a cheaper flight to Thailand, and in that case it can make a real difference to book as a group.
Also you can opt to go to Trat by yourself, for example after already traveling in Thailand for a bit. If you do this leg by bus it will take around 5 to 6 hours from the BKK airport bus terminal and it leaves there around 9 am, so make sure that you have enough time for this connection.
And lastly, we will be giving away some discount codes to partners, so keep your eyes open for those sweet discount codes !

What facilities are there ?

Almost everything !
The 3 largest rooms will be converted to gamerooms with 28" screens, networking equipment and your playstation. All meals are included, as much drinks and fruit as you want. Every bungalow has mosquito netting, airco, fan and private toilet and hot shower. The staff of the resort can assist to arrange any type of activity that you may want: thai massage, scooter rental, diving trip, cooking course, and the list goes on.

Register now

How the registration process works:

The registration process consists of several steps.
  1. You register here on the website. Please be sure to enter a correct phonenumber, as that will be important later.
  2. You will get a personal email with lots of information and a request to schedule a convenient moment for personal contact. If you rather use a different method then a phonecall or you want to use a different number, you can notify us of this here too.
  3. We will contact you personally, usually by phone, to talk through everything. If you have any questions we will try to answer them, and if you have any concerns we will address them. The goal of this conversation is to establish exactly what options you want for the event, who will travel with you, if there are any things that still must be arranged (think things like passport and vaccinations), and your preferred method of payment.
  4. Based on the call we will send you an invoice. There are choices in payment:
    • If you want to pay by SEPA payment or international wire transfer, then the registration is complete once this transfer has arrived.
    • You can also use an escrow service ( or or, they handle the payment and ensure that you got what you payed for. If the escrow service is used the registration is complete when we receive the message from the escrow service that they received the payment. Upon arrival in Thailand you will be asked to release the payment at the escrow service provider. Please note that the fee for the usage of the escrow service are on the buyer.
    • If you can only pay by credit card then you have to use the escrow service, as they can also handle creditcards and paypal, whereas we can not.

Note: We will only use your data contact you and to inform you about the event, nothing else.